17 JUNE 2023
Join the conference we save lives
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The mission of the team “Live Mentors” is to organize conferences and seminars to enhance the dentistry and save lives through donating the revenues funded. We facilitate seminars and trainings of the worldwide and countrywide dentists and dental technicians. The voluntarily participation of the lecturers and the company of technical support who gives the proper services for free of charge and having other sponsors give opportunities to us to have minimum costs of the conference and to gain more revenue to be donated to charity purposes. Joining the conference, you will be able both to listen to the best speakers and save lives. Let’s save lives together.

about us
Rafael Pashayev Founder
Our dental charity conference tradition continues every year.
I Dental Charity Conference Functional Aesthetics
1 June 2, 2022, Baku
II Dental Charity Conference 2023 Occlusal Dentistry
1 June 17 2023, Baku
Seminar of Gadzhy Dazaev Ortopedik tedavi planlaması
June 18 2023, Bakı
Dentistry professionals are with us. you.
Gadzhy Dazhaev
Ariel Savion
Edris Rasta
Rafael Pashaye
Ali Asadov
We are moving forward on this path to save their lives.
Agha Bakhshiyev For the diagnosis of the disease we sent him to Turkey. For his life the dangerous enigma is gone.
Alizaman Gocayev Now our little friend is vital dangerous paralysis scary moya-moya recovered from his illness.
Hasan Abilzadeh To recover his health thanks to the medical device "pumpa shunt" we bought the danger to his brain will disappear.
Ruqayya Orujova From the surgical operation then the baby Ruqayya also of the Almighty God will see the light of the sun.
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“Joining to the conference we both improved our skills and contributed to saving lives. Thanks to Rafael Pashayev for creating this opportunity for us. The all revenue funded will go to the people in need”

Dr. Nigar Hasanova

“It was brilliant idea and initiative. Great arrangement and interesting lections. Shortly 👍. Go on! Thanks to God for every individual contributed. “

Dr. Elnur Aghaverdiyev

“Thank you for arranging very interesting, informative and useful conference”.

Dr.Huseyn Huseynzadeh

“Perfect project. Thanks to Rafael Pasheyev and all members of “Dayaq Charity” Team.

Elman Abdullayev

Today We participated in “I Dental Charity Conference”. Everything was brilliant. Thanks to organizational committee and lead Rafael Pashayev.

Dr.Jabbar Hasanov.